Sunday, September 22, 2013

The Witness Wore Red by Rebecca Musser with Bridget Cook

The Witness Wore Red by Rebecca Musser
Ever since the raid on the YFZ ranch in Eldorado, Tx brought the FLDS into the spotlight, I have been interested in and reading books about this group. This book, "The Witness Wore Red" tells Rebecca Musser's story. She was raised in the FLDS and at age 18 was married to Rulon Jeffs, their Prophet, who at the time was 85 years old. After Rulon's death, when his son Warren Jeffs told Becky that he would marry her either to himself or someone else and that he would "break" her, she fled from the group. She tells about her life inside and outside of the FLDS. Her sister Elissa, who was forced to marry at age 14 was part of the first lawsuit against Warren Jeffs and Becky was a key witness in that trial. When the YFZ ranch was raided, she was called in as a liason to help the police understand how to speak to and work with the people there, most of whom were her relatives. She acted as a witness in many trials against various men in the FLDS, testifying over 20 times. She learned and revealed how the FLDS was an organized crime ring hiding behind the name of religion, taking money and property from people, abusing women and children. This book is well written and shows yet another view of the FLDS debacle.

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