Saturday, September 7, 2013

There is no Messiah and your're it : The stunning transformation of Judaism's most provocative idea by Rabbi Robert N. Levine, D.D.

There Is No Messiah...and You're It by Robert N. Levine

This book examines the Jewish concept of the messiah in detail. If you are interested in that, this book covers it all. The word messiah literally means an "anointed one". There have been many men throughout Jewish history who were given that title by others. The author documents the concept of messiah throughout history and how it has been used in great detail. The author posits that the concept that the messiah will be a person who will appear and fix the broken world is, in itself a broken concept because in reality, it is up to us to be the repair persons. His message is to stop sitting around waiting for someone else to make things better and to start making things better by giving to charity and helping others ourselves.

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