Sunday, November 1, 2015

Hamster Princess: Harriet the Invincible by Ursula Vernon

Hamster Princess: Harriet the Invincible
In this modern, hamsterfied version of Sleeping Beauty, Harriet the hamster princess has been cursed by a wicked rat fairy to prick her finger on a hamster wheel on her 12th birthday and fall asleep forever, modified by a few good fairies so she would not need to sleep or go to the bathroom and could be awakened by the kiss of a prince.  When Harriet learns of the curse at age 10, she realizes that she is invincible until her 12th birthday and she goes off fighting dragons and cat ogres and has a jolly couple of years, returning to the palace before her 12th birthday so the curse can take place.  Harriet, however, has no intention of taking the curse lying down, so to speak and thwarts the curse only to be thwarted herself.  Now she must find a prince to break the curse anyway.  Harriet is a brave and adventurous princess and the story is funny and fun to read.  I enjoyed it very much.

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