Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Sunrise by Mike Mullin

I think that people who enjoyed the first and second books in this series will enjoy this one as well.  If, however, like I did, you enjoyed the first book and thought the second book was too long, you might also find this book to be a bit long.  This book covers about a two or three year time period during which Alex emerges as a leader and Darla's mechanical skills come in very useful.  There is a lot of fighting, towns raiding one another, and graphic violence and cannibalism along with some people going insane as they try to survive in this ashen winter/mini ice age that has been brought on by the massive volcanic eruption.  The book is brutal and gory and long.  It is probably rather realistic and preppers and survivalists may enjoy it a lot.  I received this book free to review from  Netgalley.

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