Sunday, February 21, 2016

Fury: Book 1 of The Cure: Episode 1 by Charlotte McConaghy

I received this book free to review from Netgalley.  It is a short novella, young adult, dystopian story, that is rather good.  In this future, most of society has been "cured" of feeling anger, which was supposed to be a good thing, but has left more crime in it's wake as not only do people no longer feel anger, but they no longer feel many other emotions as well, which makes it easier to commit and ignore crimes.  Eighteen year old Josephine has not been "cured" for some reason, and once a year she blacks out and, from what she can sort of remember, she thinks she commits violent crimes.  In this book, she is in a mental hospital, recalling her past and telling her story of how a man named Luke tried to help her find out what was going on.  She begs her doctor to believe her as the day of the blood moon, when she fears that she will go insane and kill people, draws near.  I think the book is interesting and well, written, although it is rather short.

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