Sunday, February 7, 2016

The Nordic Cook Book by Magnus Nilsson

Who knew there were so many ways to cook eel?  And who really wanted to know?  In case you do wish to cook eel, this ginormous, 768 page tome includes 6 eel recipes including "Fresh Eel Cooked on Straw" and "Eel Baked over Smouldering Beech or Juniper Twigs". If you are looking for a recipe for Icelandic Rotten Shark or Danish Blood Sausage or Boiled Seal Intestines with Blubber and Crowberries then this is totally the cookbook for you!  If you happen to live in a Nordic country and have access to Icelandic Moss, you may wish to make Icelandic Moss Soup from the recipe in this handy guide or perhaps you want to cook and eat some puffins.  Sadly, there is a lovely photograph of some poor dead puffins who are "ready to be plucked." The book includes many photographs which range from interesting and odd to the quaint, and some are rather disturbing.  There is quite a bit of cultural information included with the recipes which is quite interesting and the recipes seem to be well-written and should be easy to follow.  More than merely a cookbook, this is a cultural lesson about Nordic cultures.

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