Saturday, April 1, 2017

Randoms by David Liss

Randoms (Randoms, #1)
This is such a totally fun, spoofy type of sci fi book for middle grade readers!  When the POTUS comes to see 12 year old Zeke, and asks him to go on a secret space mission, Zeke is sure it is like Star Wars, Star Trek, Ender's Game, The Hitchhiker's Guide and more.  So many fun sci fi references!  As Zeke and 3 other young people are sent into space as a delegation from earth, he learns that while the other three were chosen because of their intelligence and skills, he is the random member of the team and they chose to leave him out of things to boost their points.  After saving their ship when it is attacked and being branded a war criminal, he is befriended by two other Randoms and it is up to them to save the day.

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