Thursday, April 13, 2017

The Key to Extraordinary by Natalie Lloyd

The Key to Extraordinary by [Lloyd, Natalie]
If you are looking for magical realism for kids, this book is perfect!  Such a sweet, encouraging, endearing, wonderful story!  I listened to the audio book and I love the reader's voice and singing.  Emma lives with her brother and grandmother above The Boneyard Cafe where her brother bakes and Granny Blue makes Boneyard Brew, a special blend of hot chocolate.  Emma misses her mother, who passed away several years earlier, and she looks forward to having her Destiny Dream, which all of the women in her family have.  Along with her best friend, Cody Belle, and Earl Chance, who survived a tornado, but hasn't spoken since then, she has many adventures while trying to find a treasure to save her cafe.  The book is filled with magic and flowers and music and love.

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