Monday, June 24, 2013

Becoming Indigo by Tara Taylor

Becoming Indigo by Tara Taylor
I got this book free to review from Netgalley. It is a well written interesting story about a girl named Indigo who has graduated from high school and is living in an apartment with two friends and working. Indigo apparently has psychic powers and through her mother, meets Annabelle who gives psychic readings in the back of her angel store. Indigo gets a job working for Annabelle and learns all about how to read cards and give psychic readings while living her just out of high school partying life. The book promotes the concepts of past lives and crystals and spirits of dead people who have not yet "moved on" and angels and guides who speak to Indigo. It is based on the author's life and experiences with her own clairvoyant gifts. At the end of the book, Indigo goes to theology school. I suppose that is an attempt to blend the psychic and religious worlds.
I did like the book and it is well written, but I do not like the whole psychic reader/past lives/crystals and clairvoyance stuff. I knew someone whose mom joined a cult years ago that was into all of that stuff. She even named her cars like the character in the book and she asked me if my car had a name and told me that all of her cars had told her their names. I find that whole topic really creepy and icky. Sorry. But the author is a good writer and the book is well edited although the formatting in the copy that I got has some words runtogether in quite a few places. Perhaps that is because it was a preview copy.

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