Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Guardians Inc: The Cypher by Julian Rosado-Machain

Fun story, but needs editing.
I got this book free to review from Netgalley.
Fifteen year old Thomas's parents have disappeared in a cruise boat in the Bermuda Triangle and his grandfather is now raising him and looking for a job to increase his income. Thomas finds an unusual ad in the classifieds and he and his grandfather both go to the job interview. They are ushered into a world of magic and Thomas's grandfather is kidnapped by the Warmaster - head of the bad guys. Only Thomas, or his grandfather, can decipher the mysterious clues that will save the world. Since his grandfather is now working for the bad guys, Thomas needs to be the one to decipher the clues first. With fauns, elves, and magic galore, this story has the potential to be fantastic. It has some awkward wording in areas and could benefit from better editing and the character development is rather shallow and could use more development. I think kids will like it though.

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