Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Be Now, Buddy What by Dan Spencer

Be Now, Buddy What

A naked man falls out of a clear sky with a sonic boom, creates a crater, and is totally unharmed except that he has amnesia.  The narrator of this story is a news reporter who happened to be close by when it happened and the story became his.  The man became known as Buddy What, and the amateur video by a tourist of his fall from the sky soon became viral on the internet.  Buddy decides if he cannot find out who he is, he will discover his purpose, which, after soul searching while living under an almond tree, he decides is to dispense his brand of wisdom, which garners a cult following. 
Seen as a reluctant messiah, Buddy and the narrator travel the world sharing his 10 philosophies of life, the last of which is "And at all times, be now." 
The book is a self declared "satire about fame, the news media, organized religion, the internet, and people who let strangers into their homes." 
I enjoyed Buddy's sayings about religion and the world and thought they were very funny.
This book reminded me a bit of the movie K-Pax and I think this book would make a really good movie if it is done right.
I got this book free to review through goodreads.

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