Tuesday, September 6, 2011

the mother who stayed by laura furrman

The Mother Who Stayed
I got this book free from goodreads to review.  It contains 3 trios of short stores.  The stories are extremely well written, very descriptive, and rather disturbing.  I found them to be a bit confusing and disjointed as well.  I liked the last story the best, but it was disturbing, as all of them were in some way.
The stories are all about women but they are not all about mothers.  There is bad parenting, mothers who abandon their children and women who are not mothers but pretend to be or perhaps act motherly.
The "mother who stayed" is apparantly the only good mother in the book, and her story, told in brief diary exerpts is not terribly interesting. 
The book seems rather degrading to mothers in general.

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