Thursday, August 4, 2011

Enclave by Ann Aguirre

Deuce lives in a post apocalyptic world underneath the streets of the city in an enclave where no one lives much past the age of 20.  She has never been topside and has been taught that it is uninhabitable and certain death.  She has trained her whole life - all 15 years - to be a huntress, to go out in the tunnels and collect animals from the traps for their meat, and to fight off the Freaks, semi-human beings with fangs and claws who eat carrion and anyone who is not one of them and each other when they are dying or dead.  When she gains the rank of huntress, she is partnered with Fade, a boy who is not from the enclave and who is rumored to have survived in the tunnels, but no one really knows his story.  Together they learn that the Freaks have changed and are now more intelligent and dangerous than they were before. 
Then they are exiled and go topside (you will have to read the book to find out why).  In this world where Fade came from, there are dangerouse gangs and Deuce and Fade decide to go north where his father had told him there was a better life outside of the city.  They fight a gang and add two gang members- Stalker (male) and Tegan (female) to their group and travel across the city and countryside fighting off the ever-present Freaks.  We see the beginning of a love triangle arise - and why not since that seems to be the most popular concept in YA fiction right now? 
The book is well written and has lots of action and I am sure it will go over well with young adults.

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