Monday, August 8, 2011

Going Bovine by Libba Bray

Going Bovine

Camron is a 16 year old pot smoker who likes to listen to a Portuguese musician called the Great Tremolo who sings in an absurdly high voice. He is reading the book Don Quixote in his Spanglish class at school, and that forms a loose basis for the rest of this book.  When he begins seeing visions of wings and fire and has a seizure, they find out he is suffering from Mad Cow Disease.  In the hospital, he finds that he is roommates with Gonzo, a dwarf who he met in the pot smoker's bathroom at high school.  After being visited by a punk rocker angel named Dulcie, Camron and Gonzo leave the hospital and go on a road trip to find the mysterious Dr. X who has the cure to Camron's Mad Cow Disease and by finding him, they will also save the world.  From then on, Camron dreams about being in the hospital, but lives in his road trip with Gonzo as they go through many absurd adventures accompanied by a lawn gnome who is really Balder, the Son of Odin, a Norse God. 
This book is bizarre, nonsensical and philosophical all at the same time.  I enjoyed it and recommend it for high school age and up.

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